TriadCity Message of the Day

It's now possible to transfer TriadCity characters between SmartMonsters member accounts.

From the TriadCity left menu, click "Manage My Characters". From the list that appears, click "Transfer". Enter the member ID of the account you want to transfer your character to, and click the "Transfer" button.

Note that you'll have to be logged-in to the web site to see the "Manage My Characters" link - duh - and you won't be allowed to transfer a character which is currently logged in to TriadCity.

Note well that it's entirely up to you to get the member id correct of the account you transfer to. If you accidentally give your characters to some stranger - you'll have to work that out with them. Maybe they'll be good about it, maybe not. Exercise appropriate care.

This utility was implemented to allow players to consolidate their multiple SmartMonsters accounts under one active one. For example, you might have created a second account one day 'cause you forgot your member ID and the email address you used when you registered. Subsequently you've gotten all that straightened out, but now you've got your TriadCity characters scattered across more than one account. Use the transfer utility to move your TC characters to the account you want to use.

But note two consequences that are potentially interesting:

- You can now loan your characters to other players. Meaning, characters can be played by more than one human being. We suggest going easy on this, 'cause differences in playing style and personality peeking through the role-play are likely to confuse everyone else. On the other hand, maybe you and your friends want to role-play a character with multiple personality disorder. This could be an interesting way to do it. Up to you, but, as we say, caution is probably advised.

- You can now sell your characters to other players. For whatever compensation you like, including U.S. dollars if you are so moved. SmartMonsters is totally ok with you auctioning your TriadCity characters on eBay. So feel free to grow awesome characters to level 50 and sell 'em for a million bucks. We take no commission, but, about the million bucks thing, you could at least take us to lunch, hey?


We can imagine exploits. One snotty one: you're mad at someone so you create 40 new characters and transfer them to the person you're mad at - so they're penalized in-game for too many characters. Don't. Ban City.

Or, you use in-game exploits to achieve levels hyper quickly, then sell the high-level characters created this way. Don't. Mayor of Ban City.

To stress: use this feature in benign ways.

Thanks! Use the bulletin boards to holler with questions.

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