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Java version 1.7 seems to include an undocumented change to the applet security model, which will impact TC players. Making a long point short, you won't be able to play TC if you've upgraded to JRE 1.7 unless you make a manual change to the JRE's security policy file.

Yah, we know. Yuck.

Here's the hack.

1. Find the file named "java.policy" in the "security" directory inside the "lib" directory beneath your JRE install. Got all that? (It's jre7\lib\security\java.policy on the Windows machine where this is typed.)

2. Change the OS security permission to allow yourself to write/modify the file.

3. Add these two lines:

    permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "modifyThreadGroup";
    permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "modifyThread";

Add them exactly: including the quotes and the semicolon.

4. Restart your browser.

Alternately: don't upgrade to JRE 7.

We'll continue researching to see if there's a way we can fix it on our end without troubling you.

NOTE this will likely be a problem for new users. Bummer.

Bad Java. No donut.

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