TriadCity Message of the Day

Server introduces an extremely rudimentary implementation of intoxication by alcohol.

Drink enough beer/wine/spirits and your description will change, telling others that you're tipsy, or more than tipsy, or falling-down drunk. Drink even more, and you'll pass out until sleeping it off. Depending on just how drunk you are, your Skills and Attributes may or may not be impacted.

In this very early implementation there are no forced behavior changes prior to the point of unconsciousness. It's up to you to role-play your own drunkenness, should you choose to. Future revisions - some while from now, frankly - will enforce speech, perception, and judgment changes, and the possibility of addiction. For now, it's your choice whether to imply these impediments, or not.

Those of you who are paying more than merely strict attention to the Code Warriors BBS will note that this enhancement comes in the midst of quite a lot of new code enabling the Capitoline Slum district, in progress. Yes, there's a connection.

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