TriadCity Message of the Day

Merchants in and around the White Plaza area no longer keep their shops open 24 hours per day. It's those pesky labor laws in NorthWest. Starting immediately, they're open from dawn until about one hour after dark. If you're in their shop at closing time they'll boot you unceremoniously, so, be forewarned.

The impacted merchants are: Goodman, Allworthy, Justine, Cleargirdle, the Grocer, Tetiaroa, Marcy, Surefoot, the Herbalist, Strongwise, the Body Piercing Artist, Dean the wine seller, plus two new fellas you might not have met yet: Master Gongshu Ban, and Master Giuseppe Garbellotto.

Other changes in NW are afoot. Over the next several days, familiar NPCs including Evie, Suzanne, Edna, Mark and Chris, the Infirmary nurse and patient, the Credit Union teller, and others will have more things to do besides standing around the Park all day and night. They'll have homes to live in and take care of, shopping to do, and they might even spend time now and then enjoying the City's many cultural and recreational treasures. They'll spend a more reasonable amount of their lifetimes in the Park, doing the things they were doing before.

These changes are intended to evoke far larger emotional and experiential differences between daytime and nighttime hours, in neighborhoods throughout the City.

Shops and NPCs in NE will follow shortly; in the South, a little later.

Random notes:

NE shops in and around Black Plaza will tend to be open during nighttime, rather than daylight. Makes sense, dunnit? Shops staffed by slaves will remain open always, as will Southern shops staffed by bots. Other NPCs in and around the Park will find themselves at home for parts of the day, out and about at appropriate times, including the girls playing dolls, the boys playing army, the Blackshirt recruits, and others. NPCs in the Park South will follow.

Many new NPCs will leave home and travel to the City center, including kite fliers, dog walkers, barbecue enthusiasts, club goers, UBoat line-standers, and the occasional shady character.

That's it for now. More before too long, we hope.

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