TriadCity Message of the Day

A limited number of player houses will be made available soon in the NorthWest Third.

Unlike the other Thirds, NorthWest doesn't allow private ownership of real estate. In NW, player houses are never strictly bought or sold: final title to the property always remains with the Third as a whole. Instead, individuals are able to buy long-term leases, typically of 100 years. Leases are transferable to heirs, and, in practice, are indistinguishable from outright ownership. This practice is similar to that of Polynesia in the real world, where law forbids transfer of ownership of land to foreigners. The motives, though, are different. In Polynesia the goal is to prevent real estate being gobbled-up by wealthy non-Polynesians. In NorthWest, it's to prevent emergence of any private property in land. The mechanism though is similar.

The first batch of NW player houses will be unusual in another sense as well. They're actually apartments inside larger collective homes. Residents of the collectives are expected to share chores with the others, and perhaps take part in common activities. Residents must be Good-aligned - no exceptions. These apartments are small - single room. But, they're far more inexpensive than is typical in TC, and the collectives of which they're a part are likely to be attractive to the right Good-aligned sort.

Future player houses in NW will be more traditional, including bungalows beneath the City walls; Mediterranean-style houses on the hillsides of the Pnyx and elsewhere; and working-class flats in several places. These'll be around eventually, but not this week.

If you're interested, see Poobah or Mark. NOTE that these initial units will not be available via the web site, as other player houses are. You'll have to talk to Pooh or Mark if you want one.

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