TriadCity Message of the Day

The complete Justice system - NorthWest, NorthEast, and Southern variants - is now online.


Along with it, the large new Inns of Court district is open for exploration. Also, you're free to wander through the "Recidivism Prevention Center" (prison) in NorthEast, as well as the Courts of Common Law and Capital Plaza nearby.

Please read the previous MOTDs re Justice NE and Justice S carefully. Don't mess with Gurkhas or prisoners undergoing execution. Work out strategies for managing the new Justice features. Above all, develop alliances, as the best way by far to deal with being arrested in NorthEast is to have friends.

Note the Gratuity command, for use when imprisoned in NE.

There's still tweaking going on. Mostly bug fixes to the special NPC behaviors needed by the Inns of Court. Nothing too major (we think).

There's more new stuff coming. Watch this space!

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