TriadCity Message of the Day

Suppose you find yourself on the wanted list? What should you do?

  1. Stash your gear. Give your worn EQ and inventory to somebody you trust, or put it in your player house. Remember that moving is dangerous, as is standing still! The cops will be coming to you. Think about logging out until there's a friend ready to grab your stuff before the cops grab you.
  2. Decide where to be arrested. You might prefer to face PUNishment in NW if your crime is a first or second offense. On the other hand, if you're a repeat offender, you may want to avoid prison time by being arrested in NE and paying the fine and the bribes to get free soon. Or, if criminal activity isn't absolutely central to your livelihood and exp growth, you might decide to get popped in the South and face the neuro-surgury. Your strategy will depend on your character and its goals. Remember that you might not have much choice! If you're deep in NE, it might not be super likely that you'll be able to reach Sanctuary Island before the long arm of the law reaches you.
  3. Decide whether to clear your bank account. This really only matters if you expect to be arrested in NE. The Judges there will fine you more heavily, the more of your wealth they can locate. If you transfer some or all of your bank balance to a trusted friend, your fine will be smaller. But - don't forget! - you could potentially receive the death penalty, as those of limited means frequently do in NorthEast.

What if it's too late? Particularly, what happens if you've gone before a "hangin' judge" and been sentenced to death in NE?

Log out! Stay logged out until a friend is ready to come to rescue you, that is, buy their way into Death Row, and then search for you cell-by-cell.

Have questions? Use the bulletin boards, which are a good place for noting lore about how to make subtle strategy choices. Remember that right now there's not yet any accumulated, shared experience of the details of the Justice System. There'll be experience with time.

Still yet MORE notes will follow as Justice NorthEast nears completion.

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