TriadCity Message of the Day

Rule of thumb: violence, malopathy, and theft are crimes in TriadCity if the victim is human.

Naturally there are exceptions. Authorities and citizens of the NorthWest Third are likely to be unhappy with violence against animals, whereas many people in NorthEast are unlikely to worry themselves over attacks on stray fidos. Death Suckers and Gym Lemmings are fair game. NPC criminals are fair game, as are certain (also NPC) political opponents of the various Third authorities.

Monsters such as giant spiders, vampires, sewer rats and so on are fair game.

When the NorthEastern installment of the TriadCity Justice system goes online, these distinctions will become important, as many more CrimeNet scanners and informants will become active. Remember for instance that all electronic devices are automatically in communication with the Central Computer and therefore CrimeNet, for example, slot machines, card key readers, elevator button panels, building environment controls, cooking appliances, televisions, wristwatches, and of course all robots. When fully activated, CrimeNet will encompass many areas of the City's urban landscape which until now have been havens for mayhem. Effectively, there will be "safe" zones which are monitored by CrimeNet, and "unsafe" zones which are not. Hopefully the distinctions will be obvious and intuitive.

Note also that once Justice/CrimetNet is fully online, restrictions against attacks on merchants, surveyors and other characters will be lifted.

More notes will follow as Justice NorthEast nears completion.

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