TriadCity Message of the Day

Poobah and the other world Builders are slowly adding "Nouns" to existing Room descriptions.

What we call "Nouns" (capital "N") are detailed or secondary descriptions keyed by nouns (small "n") in a Room description. For instance, if a Room description says, "Green mold grows on all four walls," then the Nouns might be mold and walls.

Until now, if you were to ask to look mold, you'd be likely to receive the response, If only there were a "mold" here to look at. The Builders are now adding that extra layer of detail, so that if you look mold, you might be told, say, Yuck! Green and unpleasant-looking stuff. Blecch! Or maybe even something actually interesting.

This is a very large job, with literally tens of thousands of secondary descriptions needing to be added to thousands of game Rooms. It'll require several months.

We'd like to ask you to please monitor the Pancreatics BBS for updates as the Builders work Zone by Zone. When they're done with a Zone, they'll ask you to look it over for them. Please respond with feedback re any missed nouns which you feel deserve to have secondary descriptions.

This work will add lots of realistic detail to the game experience. Many thanks in advance to the Builders for taking it on.

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