TriadCity Message of the Day

Server version implements an important change to the way player commands are processed.

The goal is to fix the intermittent bugs in which leaders and followers become separated and confused. You should experience no changes to anything whatsoever, except that leaders and followers should stay together correctly under all circumstances.

Please keep an eye out though for any sign that commands are misbehaving. We've tested this code for a couple of months and are seeing nothing strange, but, y'all are better than we are at breaking things. If things happen which you didn't expect, please bug the experience.

Technobabble: the change adds fancy Java Thread synchronization to the basic command processing code, forcing player commands to execute sequentially. Previously, there'd been an unlikely possibility that commands could execute out of sequence. The chance of this happening was extremely slim. But, we think this might have been the cause of the infrequent separations of followers from their leaders.

Please let us know if you see anything weirder than usual!

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