TriadCity Message of the Day

Alignment drift as the result of violent acts has been placed under fine-grained control by world authors. Builders now have the ability to flag each NPC so that attackers will receive negative, positive, or no drift.

The default is negative. Attacking nearly any NPC will cause your drift to go negative.

Certain NPCs are flagged positive drift. These tend to be "unnatural" creatures such as vampires, ghasts, ghouls, skeletons, or giant spiders. The positive drift for killing these creatures says, in effect, The world is better without these monsters.

Certain other NPCs are flagged no drift at all. These include Deathsuckers, Flatheads, and other Gym Lemmings. Lack of drift implies that these creatures are free kills for one and all.

Alignment drift as the result of violence occurs only when you're the attacker. If something attacks you, you'll defend yourself automatically, and your drift won't change. Only changes if you initiate the fight.

This list of NPC flags is accurate -- we think -- for right this moment. It'll change, of course, as world authors do their thing.

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