TriadCity Message of the Day

The City's impressively Postmodernist Royal Gallery of Art is open, including the first exhibition, contributed by our very own Artist/Code Warrior, Mark.

You'll find the Gallery in the far northwest corner of the Park South. Cross the Gray Bridge from Sanctuary Island; head west alongside the Riverbank; you'll bump into it eventually.

With it comes the Artist Role. Artists participate in the growth of the City and its culture by contributing their works of visual media to the TriadCity game world. Artists' work can appear anywhere in the City, but the most common places are public areas such as galleries and libraries, and also private homes.

Artists grow their characters via experience and Dinars awarded to them by other players. Without these rewards, they have no way to advance -- and no incentive to contribute. Thus your rewards are an important way in which you participate in the culture of the City. When you view an Artist's work, there's a spiff box on the left, just like Reporters' articles. Please be conscientious.

Naturally, Artists may also sell their works to private collectors. The buyers of better Player Houses may be worth speaking with.

Artist has no formal rolemaster. If you'd like to be one, contact Mark or Poobah.

Note that, unlike every other submission to the TriadCity game world, you keep the copyright on the digital images which your Artist characters contribute. That is, when you post to a bulletin board, submit a map, write a graffito or script a comedy routine, you grant ownership and copyright on that material to SmartMonsters. Your digital images are different. You're merely allowing us to use them, without giving up the copyright. This will probably be true of future digital media as well.

Note lastly that the Gallery will grow in a somewhat different way than certain other public spaces such as the Library. While the Gallery will eventually be six stories of exhibitions, restaurants and bookstores, its new rooms will open to the public only as they're needed. Thus as of today we have just a small part of the ground floor open to visitors. As more contributed works come online, more Gallery rooms will open to house them.

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