TriadCity Message of the Day

Malopaths are Evil empaths with the ability to drain energy and health from other living creatures.

The Malopath Role brings some intriguing new Skills into the mix. EnergyDrain decreases a victim's energy, while Harm decreases health. EnergySteal takes energy from the victim and gives it to the Malopath. There are versions of these commands with which a skilled Malopath's work might go undiscovered: HiddenEnergyDrain, HiddenEnergySteal, and HiddenHarm. Really creepy. In the future there will be remote versions: victimize targets far from your current location. Super creepy.

Malopaths make great additions to Evil teams. They can soften up higher-level NPCs who are targeted for destruction. Highly skilled Malopaths can do their badness undetected, that is, without provoking combat. Very highly skilled practitioners might be able to kill opponents, without the opponent knowing what's happening.

It'll probably take some tweaking to get these characters' capabilities adjusted for game balance. That's what Beta's about. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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