TriadCity Message of the Day

Game Wardens are a new class of volunteer administrators who assist players and keep the game world running smoothly. Many many thanks in advance to those who choose to volunteer.

TriadCity's Game Wardens have simple responsibilities. They help newbies, and, when absolutely necessary, they intervene to curb abusive or obnoxious behavior.

We're very fortunate to have had very little of the latter. Could be 'cause we don't have many players! But we think it's more likely the whole scope and tenor of the TC environment, which tends to discourage the hyper-immature. Knock wood. So you can mostly think of Game Wardens as live helpers for newbies. A noble calling indeed.

TC Game Wardens have one special power, and one only, which they can use to discipline unruly or disruptive players when all else fails. They're able to impose a block on the use of particular commands by offending individuals. Here's an example. We once had a newbie who had the clever idea of using the Follow command to attach himself to higher-level players like a parasite, involving himself uninvited in whatever activity the more experienced character was up to. Pretty freakin' irritating. In a case like this, a Game Warden can impose a ban on the Follow command for that offending character. The ban remains permanently in place until removed by that or another Game Warden.

In return for their service, Game Wardens receive a couple of minor perks.

First, they don't get hungry or thirsty. They still get tired, but they don't need to maintain themselves if they're not doing anything active. They also are able to remain logged-in indefinitely; that is, they're not timed out like other players.

Second, they're awarded a very small spiff simply for being online. We do mean small. Right now it's just 1 dinar and 2 exp per connected minute. They have to be active to receive the spiff. After five minutes of inactivity, it stops. When they resume typing commands, the spiff continues. This is really just a small thank you for investing time in helping newbies.

A small cadre of volunteers will be made Game Wardens. If you're interested, please post a note to the General BBS. Please be level 12 or higher, and note that there's a preference for folks who've shown a long-term committment to helping newbies. You alpha veterans know who you are.

If this sounds interesting to you, please do volunteer!