TriadCity Message of the Day

Tattoos have been implemented.

As you'd expect, these are permanent decorations etched into your skin. Please note that permanent means permanent. Once inked, you're stuck with it, so choose things you'll want to keep.

Like EQ, tattoos have the potential to alter characters' vital attributes. At the very least they'll probably impact charisma. ;-) Many tattoos, like most EQ, will change nothing. But some will provide permanent attribute enhancements -- or diminishments. Caveat emptor.

Tattoos can be inked onto a total of 22 different places on your body, where, naturally, they may be hidden by clothes. If not hidden, they'll be listed when you look at a character.

You probably already know where at least a couple of tattoo artists can be located within the City. There will be more.

Looking forward to see y'all covered head to foot any minute now.

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