TriadCity Message of the Day

Charisma is now meaningful. Over time it'll become more so.

In TriadCity, charisma is the basic measure of leadership. Those aspiring to governance, management or other positions of empowerment will require it in abundance.

Right now, it's required of those characters who would be group leaders. To use the Group command, a candidate leader must have at least 10 effective charisma points.

Additionally, relative charisma attributes matter for group composition. A group leader is now unable to add a new member to their group if that new member has a higher effective charisma attribute at the moment the Group command is attempted. Effectively, this means that the character with the highest charisma attribute among any set of collaborators should normally become that group's leader.

Note that in parts of the MUD tradition, charisma is used primarily to wheedle discounts from merchants. We don't do that here. :-)

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