TriadCity Message of the Day

Furthering our conspiracy to infuriate the violence-prone, two significant evolutionary enhancements to the laws of physics have been implemented.

First, weapons which fire bullets no longer have unlimited ammunition. Guns will run out of ammo after a certain number of shots. The weapon will be automatically reloaded during combat if the character has a supply of the proper ammunition in their inventory or in certain specific eq locations about their person. If not, the weapon will become completely useless.

Second, weapons and eq are now flaggable for use only at or above specific levels of experience. This means that "high level" eq will be literally reserved for high level characters.

While the laws of physics are in place now to support both of these enhancements, it'll take a day or two for the world to catch up. Poobah has much work to do to set levels, match guns with proper ammunition supplies, and so on. It'll all sort out real soon now.

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