TriadCity Message of the Day

We moved the TriadCity server, the website, and the robots to the latest version of the Java Virtual Machine, 1.4.1_01. After extensive testing in dev it seems very solid, but as always, if wacky things begin happening that weren't happening yesterday, please let us know.

This version has a nice feature which might -- might -- improve performance one or two tads, maybe even enough to be noticeable. Now allows the Virtual Machine to do its housekeeping chores in the background, while running on multiprocessor machines. Woo-hoo! The TriadCity server's a multiprocessor machine! Almost like somebody planned it that way! :-) Well: it's far more likely that any delays or lags you've experienced are the responsibility of the Internet, LOL. Now we can be all but certain they're not because of the game server.

Note that the current version of the plugin is also 1.4.1_01. We'll force that upgrade pretty soon. Meanwhile we do suggest that if you're using an earlier one, go ahead and replace it with this at your convenience. Seems to eliminate the white screens and other applet weirdness we'd seen in versions 1.4.0.xx. here's the link.

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