TriadCity Message of the Day

Responding to the recent plague of merchant murders throughout the City, the governments of all three Thirds have pooled their resources to bring one component of CrimeNet online early.

The "BugLite" system is an automated, computer-controlled particle weapon capable of incinerating almost any target with a single burst of energy. The system will immediately attack and kill any person who commits an act of violence against any merchant in its sensor range.

We implore you to take these devices extremely seriously. They have a hitroll of 10,000; a minimum damroll of 10,000; and a maximum damroll of 100,000. While it is theoretically possible to survive them, as you can see the odds are extremely slim.

The Thirds are placing BugLites inside those shops which have been most often victimized. As funds permit, they will eventually protect every licensed retail establishment.

In the absence of tax income, funding for the system is being taken from bank accounts confiscated from miscreants killed while attempting to rob merchants.

We repeat: DON'T ATTACK A MERCHANT IF THERE'S A BUGLITE IN THE ROOM. It means instant death for you.

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