TriadCity Message of the Day

Gary Smith, SmartMonsters' CEO, will be glad to learn that after two years of his patient yet persistent requests, the development team (that'll be Mark) has at last put a working bug tracker online. Gary, don't let the power go to your head. ;-)

The new tool exists primarily to make it easier for Mark and Poobah to sort out the open reports from the closed ones; and to spiff the reporters when bugs are verified. But, as a sort of good-thing-on-the-side, it also allows you to browse the database, looking to see if something has already been reported, or if you've been spiffed for reports of yours. You can filter them by several different criteria; and of course there will one day be a search tool and other professional kindsa stuff. Watch this space for announcements.

As we've been noting recently, we're on a big push to make the TC environment as rock-solid as possible. We greatly appreciate your assistance. Let us know when things seem broken. If we can verify the problem, fixing it will be the top priority. Typos and spelling mistakes do count. We pay top Dinar for verified reports: around 1000 Dinars a day lately. Almost enough to live on. Thanks for your help!

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