TriadCity Message of the Day

A new Meditate command is available for your energy regeneration and other pleasures.

"Meditation" is an altered state of physical and mental existence, which might be called lightweight trance, entered via discipline. When you Meditate you change your body's metabolism, enhancing its ability to regenerate energy and health; and you also focus your mind in ways which will become increasingly important as various forms of magic are implemented.

Unlike Sleep or Rest, not every character can Meditate on demand. In TC, meditation requires mastery of the MeditateSkill, learned via the usual mechanism. Thus, not only can Meditation potentially help you regain energy and health more quickly, it can also increase your experience -- for successful use of the Skill.

Like Sleep and other changes of consciousness, meditation can change the way your character perceives the world. You'll be less likely to be made aware of events happening in your current room; and you might find them reported to you in different ways than if you were experiencing them with fully waking consciousness. Your mileage may vary.

All Roles can learn the MeditateSkill. It's minimum learn level is 5, and it will cost you some quantity of energy for each use of the Meditate command. The Wisdom attribute will contribute to successful meditation, along with mastery of the MeditateSkill.

There is currently somebody in the world who can teach the Skill.

Have fun!

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