TriadCity Message of the Day

All 19 subway stations are online.

Which is not the same as saying all 19 lead to interesting places within the City. In fact, only eight are linked to the City surface streets, so, although you can get to the other 11 stations, you can't leave those stations.

So, like, what's the point?

We did it this way because it turned out to be more efficient for us, time-wise. This way we only had to work out the scheduling algorithm once. If we brought on a station at a time, we'd have to re-do it over and over. In the long run this is better.

These are the stations that currently go someplace:

  • Sanctuary Island Station: the City center.
  • Green Line: White Plaza Station: the White Plaza area.
  • Green Line: Cathedral Station: environs of the Cathedral of Light.
  • Red Line: University Station: half way to Barmalindar.
  • Purple Line: Gray Plaza Station: the Gray Plaza mall.
  • Blue Line: Medical School Station: half way to the Temple of the Laughing God.
  • Yellow Line: Black Plaza Station: the Black Plaza area.
  • Yellow Line: Palace Station: environs of the Palace of Night.

We believe all these stations are tested properly and working fine. Please let us know if you discover otherwise! :-)

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