TriadCity Message of the Day

TriadCity's first subway stations opened this morning.

Sanctuary Island Station can be reached by walking Down from the Fountain. There's a sign there now to mark the spot. In future, all TriadCity Metro lines will terminate here, allowing you to change trains to reach any Metro destination.

Cathedral Station is near the NorthWest corner of the city, just outside the Enchanted Garden; it's your closest stop to the Cathedral of Light.

The trains are completely automated. There's nothing for you to do but wait for the doors to appear, enter, and exit at your stop.

More stations to follow asap, and the stations will be fleshed out with commuters, newspaper kiosks, advertising, pickpockets, murderers, Greek philosophers, drunks, signs, cowboys, astronauts, and all the usual things any large-scale system of public transportation must necessarily include. Have fun!

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