TriadCity Message of the Day

It's now possible to become Good or Evil.

In TC, many of your actions will cause your moral alignment to drift either positive or negative. You'll see this happen if you keep an eye on the "Exp, Align, $" tab.

But, unlike many MUDs, this drift doesn't automatically cause you to become Evil, Good, or Neutral. In TC, everyone begins Neutral, and you must make a conscious choice to switch to another alignment. This act of choice is called Conversion.

The process itself is fun. You undergo a little ritual, during which you learn some new things about why the TriadCity world is the way it is. You might be asked to undertake certain actions afterward. You might develop a closer relationship with one or more patron deities. Depends. We know this is cryptic, and we're happy with that. :-)

To Convert to Good, you must be Neutral, Level 10 or higher, and your Alignment Drift must be perfect +1000. Go to the Cathedral of Light, and Bow to the statue.

Conversion to Evil isn't in yet, but here's what you'll do. Go to the Palace of Night, and Prostrate yourself before the statue. You'll have to be Neutral, level 10 or above, and your Alignment Drift must be perfect -1000.

Conversion back to Neutral also isn't in yet, but it'll be the same deal. Go to the Temple of the Laughing God, and laugh at the statue. You'll have to be either Evil or Good, level 10 or above, and your Alignment Drift must be perfect 0.

Conversion is the precondition of many new features on the way asap, including character Roles, Citizenship, character businesses, and a bunch of other waycool stuff. Have fun!

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