TriadCity Message of the Day

By popular request, a new chat channel "OOC" has been implemented.

"OOC" stands for Out Of Character. It's intended to allow you to answer newbie questions, or say anything else you want to say, while making it clear it's not your character talking, but you.

Normally we want to encourage everybody to stay in character all the time. But, there are circumstances where that conflicts with other goals. A nice example is that of a crabby or obnoxious character, versus our general ethic of supporting new players. Should a mean-spirited character be helpful to newbies? Maybe not. But it would be good if the player owning the character would help. That's a great time to jump in with an OOC message.

As with the other chat channels, you can toggle OOC off and on via the applet interface.

Many thanks to the several of you who made the suggestion!

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