TriadCity Message of the Day

(Deep Announcer Voice): "It's time for our semi-annual Plugin Madness Days!"

Some of our Alpha types were having trouble downloading the plugin required for TC to work. The automatic download process was hanging after a while. Happened to a couple of folks.

Turns out JavaSoft has recently released a new version of the thing; our guess is that their pipes are clogged with users trying to get it.

So we've posted a workaround on the Visit TriadCity page, explaining how to get it manually. If anyone is still having this problem, we hope this clears it up for you.

And now the bad news for any of you not currently using version 1.3.1: time to upgrade. This will happen about every six months, as the technology continues to evolve. We know this is obnoxious and we thank you for your patience. (It's only about 15 minutes at 56K...) It'll happen automatically next time you login. Think of this as sortof like your semi-annual trip to the dentist. Or your semi-annual root canal job. There's only so far you can push these similes you know.

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