TriadCity Message of the Day

Based on experience with early alpha folks, we've implemented an idle timeout, which will automatically log your character out after some period of inactivity.

We hope this doesn't sound like some kind of penalty for being bad, or anything like that. It's not intended that way. Primarily it's intended to keep your character safe from harm while you run off to the bathroom or etc. What we found in testing is that characters were dying of thirst while unattended. This should fix that.

Currently we've set the timeout at 15 minutes, which we think should be plenty of time for characters to sleep, etc. The timer resets each time you send a command to the server. With experience, it might be necessary to adjust that value: let us know what you think.

In general, though, it's not the best idea to be away from your keyboard for super long. Pretty soon now there will be aggressive critters running around who will attack you if you're not watching. And, it uses server resources which could be spent on somebody else. We encourage you to simply log out if you're going away for a bit, then come back when you're ready.

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