TriadCity Message of the Day

Skills, Learning, and Teaching are online.

Skills in Triad are learned abilities to execute particular actions: read a book, wield a weapon, hide from a cop, teach a history lesson, bake a pie, see through a disguise. To limited degree, they can be acquired through sheer repetition: a smart person will be able to figure certain things out by doing them several times. Higher skills require instruction, from characters who are themselves skilled at teaching their particular craft. The process of learning and developing new and higher skills is central to your character's growth.

The ability to Learn new Skills is critical to characters' growth. TriadCity characters are able to learn Skills from each other, and from many automated characters who fulfill this purpose.

Teaching being the flipside of Learning, at least according to Hegel, your character has the ability to Teach the Skills you know to other characters. You can do so in exchange for money, or for barter, or because you're a Teacher by role, or just 'cause you're a sweetheart.

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