TriadCity Message of the Day

24 new Social commands are in.

Mark went nuts with the code last night, adding quite a large number of new Social commands to the TC vocabulary. Entries into the Command Reference to follow asap.

TC's potential vocabulary is pretty much limitless, at least in principal. Our purpose here is to create a rich palette of nuanced gestures which players can use to enliven and distinguish their Characters. We'll be really grateful if you'll let us know which of these are more helpful to you, and which additional Socials you'd like us to add. (There are about another hundred on the current to-do list.)

Here's the new lot. Most of these were chosen 'casue Poobah needs them for new Mobile behaviors:

  1. drool
  2. frustrated
  3. fume
  4. gasp
  5. genuflect
  6. glance
  7. glare
  8. glower
  9. grovel
  10. lol
  11. nod
  12. nudge
  13. nuzzle
  14. pant
  15. point
  16. quake
  17. shrug
  18. sneeze
  19. spit
  20. stare
  21. think
  22. tired
  23. tremble
  24. yawn

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