Frequently-Asked Questions

What advice for lone wolves?

Yah that's a tough one. TriadCity was designed from the beginning to be social. Nearly every difficult challenge in the game world requires a team with mixed skills. Even simply exploring the more remote areas without assistance can lead to difficulties — getting stuck, or worse.

We're trying to make things easier for lone players. Pretty much everything you'd need for safe exploration is available in the central City area around Sanctuary Island. The Deities will frequently warn when it's a bad idea to be somewhere. The Help robot is learning City geography. There's a lore section in the fora which can be consulted when higher-level helpers are unavailable. More puzzles and challenges are being added which don't require teams.

Ultimately though there's no substitute for human assistance. Higher-levels are always happy to share wisdom, offer advice, loan or give equipment, and rescue you if you're in a jam. Better: many higher-levels will accompany you while you examine areas that are new to you. There are areas where you simply don't want to be by yourself — like RL cities, really.

But don't let this lead you to believe it can't be done! — or that lone wolves are unwelcome. One of our most veteran players is all about lone play. Her characters are among the wealthiest in the game world. If you see Chiensha or Moorea online, ask for advice.

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