Settings for MUD clients

— Secure connections: port 9095.
— Insecure connections and vanilla telnet: port 9094.

Many of our blind players use VipMud. We've also tested with the clients listed here. These are the settings that work for us. If you use a client that's not on this list, please let us know; we'll include your configuration settings here.

  • Mudlet:
    Mac & Win:
    • Server address:
    • Port: 9095
    • check the "Secure" check box
    • In Settings->Color View:
      • set Foreground and Command line foreground all the way black
      • set Background, Command line background and Command background all the way white
      • set Light yellow to something a bit darker
  • MUDRammer (iOS only):
    • Host:
    • Port: 9095
    • SSL/TLS: on
    • In Advanced Settings:
      • turn off "Semicolon Commands"
      • turn on "Simple Telnet Mode"
      • In Themes:
        • we recommend the "Snowblind" theme: this is the same color scheme as our GUIs
  • TinTin++:
    • Start your session with "#ssl tc 9095"
    Win (no built-in SSL/TLS support):
    • Start your session with "#session tc 9094"
  • Vanilla telnet: nothing special.

Our implementation is very simple. We do not support MCCP, MMCP, or telnet options.

Please note: we do prefer that sighted players use our GUI clients whenever that's possible. Our clients handle much of the AI processing which makes TriadCity so vibrant. It's a form of what later became known as "grid computing", although we were doing it ten years before the term became common. We can replicate most of that logic inside the server, but, that means our server computers require more horsepower. Which increases our expenses, and, since we really bring in no revenue to speak of, we hate that idea. Thanks so much for your support!

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