How to Play Midgaard

The Midgaard Players' Guide

Character Classes: Mage

Mages are magic users whose capabilities are generally aggressive They can Cast spells, throw fireballs, drain energy from enemies. In a group they're prized for their abilities to first-strike opponents, getting in a round of magical damage before fighting begins. In Midgaard armor does not defend against magical damage, meaning, Mages can be badass.

These are the Spells which Mages can Learn and the Levels at which they become available:

  1. Magic Missile
  2. Detect Magic; Detect Invisible
  3. Chill Touch; Infravision
  4. Invisibility; Armor
  5. Burning Hands
  6. Locate Object; Strength
  7. Shocking Grasp
  8. Sleep
  9. Lightning Bolt; Blindness
  10. Detect Poison
  11. Color Spray
  12. Energy Drain
  13. Curse; Poison
  14. Fireball
  15. Charm Person
  16. Sense Life
  17. Enchant Weapon

The Mages' Guild, with its Spell Master, is SSWWS from the ATM at the Midgaard Temple.

All Mages automatically Level at the same thresholds of Experience. The table is here.

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