How to Play Midgaard

The Midgaard Players' Guide

Levels and Leveling

Levels are thresholds of experience and ability, represented in a quantified way. Higher levels are better.

For example, many Spells are available only to characters at a certain Level. As you gain Levels, more capabilities become available.

Your character rises to new Levels after accumulating some necessary quantity of Experience. Your character automatically accumulates Experience as you interact with the Midgaard World. In the GUI, the Experience tab will show you how much you've got, and how much more you need in order to reach the next Level. With a MUD client, use the Status command to see where you're at.

Unlike TriadCity, levels in Midgaard are automatic. There's no ritual to perform. When your experience crosses the necessary threshold, the next level is yours.

The thresholds necessary for levels are fixed for each Character Class. The table is here.

Note there are no limits to the Levels you can achieve. This is different than the original Worlds we're emulating in our version of Midgaard. There, levels capped at 20, or in some Worlds at 34; and at a certain point your character was considered a God and granted certain Immortal abilities. Our Midgaard follows the TriadCity model of unlimited advancement — and we have no concept of Godhood. Cheers!

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