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I don't think the author's vision is fully realized, but let's open it up. It's cool. I'll do it soon.
Hey Russell, I'll look for you as well. Hope to see you soon!
Kinda like this?:

Works for me on Win, but sometimes you have to type "voices" repeatedly to hear them all. Seems that the list breaks off part of the way. Bug on Win Chrome?
Comrades, I criticize myself and I accept your criticism. <-- You had to be there.

Fixed. Mac still uses the Meta (command or Apple) key plus arrows. Windows uses shift plus arrows.

This is SmartMonsters' Occasional Newsletter
Volume 16 Number 1
[October 18, 2015]

Come to the party, hey? TriadCity’s eerily creepy Asylum in the NorthEastern Third is now accepting patients, whether they like it or not. We invite you to join them during two upcoming weekends: October 24th - 25th, and October 31st - November 1st. Just in time for Halloween! Check out the MOTD for more info:

================================ Milestones =========================

Over 3,000 Likes for the TriadCity Facebook page. Holy moly! Our little page, all grown up!

And: over 1,000 Followers on Twitter. Nice!

========================= News of the Universe ========================

Recalls for Reward Points! Found yourself way stuck in some confusing, forlorn place? Zap your lost ass back to the Origin Stone. At 10 Reward Point it’s not super cheap. And there are side effects. But then, emergency measures aren’t routine, eh?

Catch a Glint! OK it’s silly but it turns out to be oddly fun.

TriadCity’s hypermodern talking client now works happily on Chrome. This means Windows and Mac users are all welcome to the party. Intended for blind and visually-impaired players, the talking client speaks all output: no scrolling text, menus, buttons, or other visual impediments. No screen reader required. Enhancements requested by users are added frequently. Turns out many sighted players use it, too. Check it out!

A new Author command now allows you to find out who wrote the Zone you currently occupy.

========================== News of the World =========================

The NorthWestern Third has a new inn: La Posada Coyoacan, an old roadside hotel in the Mexican country style, adobe and tile and vibrant color. There’s quite a lot of new construction in the neighborhood. Watch the MOTD for details.

A more or less Las Vegas version of the popular wheel of fortune game "Big Six" is now available in Virtual Vegas, for your Dinar-wasting pleasure. Don’t assume you’ll always lose! Anyway that’s what management wants you to do.

TriadCity's eerily creepy Asylum in the NorthEastern Third is now accepting patients, whether they like it or not. Written by master builder Stoker, The Asylum is several stories of mundane evil: the everyday evil of bureaucracy, incompetence, and good intentions gone bad. It’s entirely possible things aren’t all what they seem. Are you sure you’re feeling alright?

The NorthWestern Third's Paseo del Rio colony is online and ready for visitors. Paseo del Rio is a small urban agricultural collective growing fruit which they distribute to merchants and communes throughout the Third. As the Third evolves, you'll see more of these experiments in collective ownership and communal living, sometimes with very contrasting philosophies.

TriadCity on Wikipedia:

TriadCity on Facebook:

TriadCity on Twitter:

Experience is 25% higher all day Saturday Pacific time. Health and energy regeneration is also faster. Come join us then and rack up those levels.

We'll spiff you if you refer a friend. Details:

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4. Enter your password, click the "No! Go away!" radio button, and finally click the "Change" button at the bottom. You can re-subscribe anytime you like by following the same procedure.

Thanks! Meet you in The City!

- Gary and Mark.
What would be a workable way to implement maps which blind players will find useful?

The Cartographer-provided maps existing today are entirely visual.

Can we enhance the Cartographer role to allow blind or visually-impaired players to create appropriate new maps?
The talking client has been enhanced to allow scrolling through your command history and the history of messages received from the game.

To navigate through your command history, hold down the "Meta" key and use the up/down arrows.

To navigate through received messges, hold down the "Meta" key and use the left/right arrows.

Note that on Mac, the "Meta" key is the "command" or "Apple" key. On Windows, it's the "Windows" key.

More in the MOTD:


New commands have been added to the talking client to allow the voice to be changed.

To list available voices, type "voices".

To change to a new voice, type "voice <voice-name>", where "voice-name" is one of the voices on the list.

Slightly more info on the MOTD:


This is working from talking client on.

To navigate through command history: on Mac use Meta (command or Apple) key plus up/down arrows. On Windows, use shift plus up/down arrows.

To navigate through channel messages: on Mac use Meta (command or Apple) key plus left/right arrows. On Windows, use shift plus left/right arrows.

The online Player Guide now includes a page summarizing the special commands available to the talking client:

Also, the talking client's "help" command lists these same options.

New page is here:

Also, the spoken help menu has been updated to include the latest upgrades.

I'll try to update the in-game Help robot soon-ish.


You can speed up the text reader to the maximum the technology allows by typing "faster" multiple times. Each increase is fairly small, so typing it repeatedly may be necessary. The client stores your settings, so you won't have to repeat this every time.

You can list the available voices by typing "voices".

Set the voice you prefer with "voice <voice-name>", where <voice-name> is one of the voices from the list.


Working on this now. Probably ready tomorrow.

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