What is Midgaard?

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Midgaard is an homage and a throwback to the textual MUDs of decades past. Running on the TriadCity platform, it's an emulation of the core World of the old DikuMUD / CircleMUD adventure tradition circa 1994.

Midgaard is a classic medieval-themed World derived principally from Tolkien and Dungeons & Dragons. There are castles, dragons, Inns serving ale, magical fireballs, dwarves and elves and Warriors and Clerics. You go there to kill the monsters — although the monsters have a good chance of killing you. Classic retro!

Midgaard is a labor of love for us. It's where many of us first encountered MUDs as a medium and were astonished by their engrossing play and extraordinary potential. It's full of clever ideas, many of which became standards as the tradition evolved. Most importantly, it's fun!

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