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What's in a Cookie?

Not much. In our case, there's nothing but a single nonsense word which looks something like this: "JSESSIONID=PLDLKMADMKHH".

This "nonsense" is just a simple identifier which tags your browser for reference as you surf our Web site. There's nothing else inside our cookie: no account information, passwords, credit card numbers, or anything like that. Just the ID.

We know that some people disable cookies because they're concerned about privacy or security. Fortunately, you don't need to have those concerns when you surf our site. Our cookie contains nothing confidential or private. It's just an ID tag, and it's actually an important tool for helping us keep your personal information confidential and private.

What do we use cookies for? Basically, the ID tag lets our system track whether you're logged in or not; and if so, whether you should be allowed to access potentially sensitive information. It's part of how we prevent you from changing someone else's account password or e-mail address, or seeing their credit card info; and thus prevent them from accessing yours.

What this means in practice is that if you want to login to your account, you'll have to enable cookies. Logging-in allows you to post messages to our bulletin boards, play TriadCity, and generally be a trusted member of our gaming community. Thanks!

Your Right to Privacy

Our privacy policy is very simple. We don't give out information about you personally, ever, to anyone. You can read the same thing at greater length by clicking here.