Settings for MUD clients

— Secure connections: port 9195.
— Insecure connections and vanilla telnet: port 9194.

Many of our blind players use VipMud. We've also tested with the clients listed here. These are the settings that work for us. If you use a client that's not on this list, please let us know; we'll include your configuration settings here.

Note that Midgaard assumes a white background. The suggested settings below imitate our GUI clients.

  • TinTin++:
    • Start your session with "#ssl mid 9195"
    Win (no built-in SSL/TLS support):
    • Start your session with "#session mid 9194"
  • Mudlet:
    Mac & Win:
    • Server address:
    • Port: 9195
    • check the "Secure" check box
    • In Settings->Color View:
      • set Foreground and Command line foreground all the way black
      • set Background, Command line background and Command background all the way white
      • set Light yellow to something a bit darker
  • MUDRammer (iOS only):
    • Host:
    • Port: 9195
    • SSL/TLS: on
    • In Advanced Settings:
      • turn off "Semicolon Commands"
      • turn on "Simple Telnet Mode"
      • In Themes:
        • we recommend the "Snowblind" theme: this is the same color scheme as our GUIs
  • Vanilla telnet: nothing special.

Our implementation is very simple. We do not support MCCP, MMCP, or telnet options.

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