Midgaard Message of the Day

Display of available Exits now corresponds to the original DikuMUD.

In TriadCity, openable Exits such as doors display as available Exit directions even when the Exit is closed, whereas in DikuMUD they display only when the Exit is open. This creates a nontrivial difference in game play, where in TriadCity you have a more complete sense of possible moves than in Midgaard, while in Midgaard the World is a bit more mysterious because many Exits are automatically hidden. Exits in TriadCity can be hidden as well, but some object or condition has to hide them. In Midgaard you'll need to parse Room descriptions or signage to find the secret trapdoors.

Many thanks to Meghan and Lisa, who are playing the original and our emulation side-by-side looking for differences like this! We really appreciate their attention to detail!

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Stay safe out there! Meet you in The Middle Ages!