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Does Midgaard support blind players?


Blind players — as well as sighted players who simply want to — can access Midgaard via your favorite MUD client with screen-reader support. Many of our blind players connect to Midgaard with VipMud. But any standard MUD client should be fine. In addition to VipMud we test with TinTin++, Mudlet, and MUDRammer. Direct your secure client to: port 9195. Insecure connections are available on port 9194. Some information re settings for specific clients is here. Unlike TriadCity, Midgaard has no popup signs or other GUI-centric World features requiring conversion for access via conventional MUD clients.

Our Web site is fully ARIA-aware. We lack the resources to test with screen readers as thoroughly as we'd like, but, we do try, and we respond quickly when glitches are pointed out.

Some Zones are more friendly than others to visually-impaired players. The Blindfriendly command borrowed from TriadCity informs you whether the current neighborhood is potentially dangerous, and if so, why.

The Midgaard World is not under development. It was originally written in the 1990s with no notion of accessibility in mind. We offer it as it is — but if you point out features or experiences which translate poorly to screen readers we'll do our best to make appropriate adaptations. Please let us know how it goes for you!

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