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I've been arrested in NorthEast  XML
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TriadCity Character
While trying to find the meatpuppet booth, I somehow found myself at the meat factory and where a slave was butchering things. She killed a pigeon and I picked up the corpse...
sooo while getting dragged by a Stormtrooper I realized I just stole a pigeon corpse. Thinking "...crap, I hope the judge I get would be lenient"...he wasn't. I've been fined 50 Dinars...and sentenced to death. I haven't had a chance to will my possessions yet, so...I'm screwed aren't I?

I recall, passing a sign before I went in there, but I was 2 away from leveling up and was afraid it was going to put me way over if I read the sign...I think I can guess what it says now.

TriadCity Character
Since ZodiacWoman and I went in and got him out, I believe this situation is resolved. As for the sign, merely a CrimeNet warning which does little to expose the greed of the meat packing company.
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At lower levels, that part of town is a bad place to be.

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