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HELP !! stuck in black palace  XML
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TriadCity Character
I'm currently in the black palace. It's pitch black and I can't see any exits

I still have full health and energy but after getting to level 5 please don't tell me this is the end.

Can anyone help me out of here please?
TriadCity Character
Sorry for double post, I got out with the aid of a friend and a torch.
Lisa Chau

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Yep, that's how to do it.

It's pretty important to always have a torch with you. Some places are dark all the time, or become dark after sunset.

When in trouble you can ask someone to auction a torch for you. Or you can buy one instantly with a Reward Point.

When really really really really lost or stuck, you can use Reward Points to teleport back to Sanctuary Island. Of course, you can't do that while fighting. That would be cheating!

There are items like infra-red goggles which are permanent see-in-the-dark. You can see while you wear them (but they're heavy!) There's also a tattoo you can buy, the one with the lantern, which is permanent see-in-the-dark. It's expensive but weighs nothing.

If you find you're the only player logged-in, and you're trapped in the dark, spend an RP to buy a torch.

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