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TriadCity Character
I'm not exactly a newbie, but this just goes to show we 'experienced' players can have questions, too. Is there a way, once I have an item in my inventory, to see the properties of it- such as would be shown in a store? It'd be nice to know the capacity of a bag, or the weight of a bracelet, just by looking at it.
TriadCity Character
This isn't possible now, but, I agree that it should be. We should have a 'Stat' command which will display pertinant attributes like that. With a corresponding Stat Skill, so that Stating with poor skill will result in garbled info.

Meanwhile, perhaps those of you who are interested might work together with Selfea and others with TC-related Web sites to catalog and display the info available from the shops? This might help a little.


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TriadCity Character
I started something like this, but have not updated it. I haven't played much so if people want to email me item information (just check out my site and look at the page) please do!
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