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TriadCity Character
Greetings all. A couple hours ago I stumbled into TriadCity. I cannot play it from the computer I am using currently, but tomorrow I will be able to do so.
I love roleplaying, and I've been searching for an IC-only mmorpg for over an year. I am not a powergamer, but I still like to develop a decent character to at least help others in need, and have usefulness in battle or crafting. I read everything around, but I'd still like to ask.. what starting atributes values do you suggest or their starting values are not important at all? Is it alright to leave one or more atributes with 1 or 0 points?
I hope I can meet some of you tomorrow and get around the game. Thanks in advance for reading this message
TriadCity Character
hi thalmus!

looking forward to meeting you online!

you might want to start with all attributes set to 5. that's sort of generic, but, that might be fine for a first character. then as you learn more about the game world you can either take steps to change those attributes, or create a new character with the specific mix that interests you.

hope this helps!


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