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TriadCity Character
Hi all,

I just wanted to point out a few things about TC.

1) It is very important that you read the Players Guide and Command Reference before you venture into the City. Perhaps even have them open in another window while you play. Sammie J's Newbie Guide is useful on your first visit to walk you through the basic commands. (Just a little plug for me...)

2) All the players (though not necessarily their characters) are all very friendly and happy to help you out when you are in the City.

3) There is also a Help Bot who can answer most of the basic initial queries you will have.

However, Triad City is the kind of place where it is essential that you discover things for yourself, and understand the way things work. This cannot be achieved by having higher level characters simply walk you around, or guide you step by step all the way. Therefore, please do not be surprised, or offended, if your questions receive a gentle nudge in the right direction rather than an out-right answer. If you are *really* stuck, lost, or in trouble, let whoever is online with you know, and they will assist you if you can, perhaps even coming to find you and lead you back to safety, but please be prepared to rely on your own observations for the majority of the information available in Triad City.

These Bulletin Boards are also a great way of keeping yourself informed. I suggest you check them regularly.

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