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TriadCity Character
Would it be possible to have an ignore option? So that if a single player is sending you messages, you can stop receiving them, but leave yourself open to others? I hate to say it, but with more and more players, there might be some I just don't feel like talking to at that time. Although, I guess in keeping with reality, there will be people you meet whom you don't like that you will have to just deal

(p.s. sorry for the triple post earlier, didn't realize it had done that for some reason....odd....)
TriadCity Character
Sure, and thanks, that's a great idea. I'll add it to the work list.

There are a lot of enhancements to the client applet pending, BTW. These are not the highest priorities, but they'll help you customize. You'll be able to set your own choices of text and background colors and fonts; set an auto-greeting message for when your friends login; review and re-use your command history; and a bunch o'stuff.


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