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I understand that the bug or bugs causing strange Item changes have gotten worse the last few days. Several of you have posted 'bug' reports, and TelGar has been sending me detailed email.

Right now I have no clear sense of where the bug is. You can help by posting very detailed, step-by-step 'bug' reports. Some of the details which will help me a bunch are:

--> Did an Item dissappear? If so, from where? Was it in your inventory, or were you wearing it? Was it inside a container such as a bag or a coat? What had you been doing in the time before you realized it was gone? Had you logged out and logged back in? Been sleeping? Fighting? Or just exploring? Was there an auction happening at the time? Had there been one recently? Did you auction anything, or bid on an Item up for auction? Etc. etc.

--> Did an Item become a different Item of the same general type? E.g., did your topaz belt become a ruby belt? Were you wearing it when that happened, or carrying it for later use? Was it inside a container? What had you been doing in the time before you discovered the change? Logged out and back in? Sleep? Fighting? Auctions? Etc.

The more detail the better. Please feel free to email me instead of using 'bug', it might give you more space to work with.

Here's another thing you can do. The moment you notice that something has changed, ask the other players currently online to test for the same error. Example: you discover your topaz belt has become ruby. Ask everybody else to check their belts. It'll be a big help if I can find out if somebody's ruby belt had become topaz, etc.

I appreciate your help and patience. This has me stumped right now, but, I'm definitely trying.


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