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TriadCity Character
Once you reach level 5 it is harder to find points for level 6. It is easy to be tempted to go hunting in the spider forest. Before you go remember to take friends with you. Getting your 5th level character killed will make you grumpy. Take one or more players you trust to help if you get in trouble.

TriadCity Character
And especially don't take on the toddler spiders! No matter how confident you are with the infants, the toddlers can and will kill you. I know, they killed Shirrah.
Plus they follow you when they flee. Take AT LEAST three people with you and don't go in there until you're around level 10...
TriadCity Character
hi me my brother and my mom have an account here and my mom is a big loner and i was wonderin if some1 could make me a group wolf find me
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