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joy polly

Joined: 2005.02.16 00:00:00
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I feel badly for what I posted to lisa. It was wrong of me. I have no place in this game at this time. Not due to anyone here, but to my lack of maturity. I feel I have lost all hope and faith in humanity. Not so sure that those feelings even belong to humanity at all anymore. I fucked up. I should have never hurt lisa in any way shape or form. She has nothing to do, nor does nina or anyone in this game with my real life bs. The things I posted tasted badly coming out of my mouth. I did not realize or mean to drag this flame thing out. Ty colin for your post about rp it helped more than you will ever know. I am sorry if I hurt you Lisa. Odds are I did... even though you were so very tolerant of me after I did so. Thank you for your understanding and I am sooo sorry that I treated you like shit. It will never happen again. I will return again, after I grow as a human.

On another note I will not post again in this flame thing going on. No matter what happens I will respect your request Mark for peace. I do respect you, I just had a lack of understanding and there is no excuse for my behavior. Sorry to everyone.
I brought my rl baggage to this game. Again there is no excuse for it.

Mark Phillips

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I hope very much that you'll be back soon. We all miss you!

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Nina Tantarimaki
TriadCity Character
Joy, please try not to judge yourself so hard! We all are humans and have our warts and weaknesses. If we always waited for starting to live first when we have grown, where would the growth happen? I look forward to playing with you again.
Lisa Chau

Joined: 2003.06.02 00:00:00
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Joy, my feelings aren't hurt and I don't feel mistreated. I promise!

I think you and I are alike. You got emotional when you thought your friend was being disrespected. I have too often done the same.

I think you should go right ahead and bring your rl baggage into the game. Who doesn't? Why shouldn't you? Maybe you can use different characters to explore rl problems. Why not?

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