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Zatch Mort
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I have found what seems to me a serious oversight in the cartographer spiff system. Since Selfea's maps are separate images, they're on their own .jsp pages, which each have their own tracker for spiffs. Hence Selfea can potentially be spiffed up to 2200 by each player. On the other hand, Thoth uses Flash, which puts them all on the same page. Thus, no matter how completely or how well he maps the City, he can never be spiffed more than 1,000.
I'm not sure how this would be fixed. Also not sure if it's about to become a non-issue, since I had heard talk of changing the spiff system somehow.
(On a completely unrelated note, while writing this I was reminded that some people have 2 or 3 identical player pages. Anyone know what causes that?)

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Mark Phillips

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IMO there's no big issue. Mike's Flash maps are an experiment, not an oversight. Doing them in Flash was his choice. It was obvious at the time that there'd be just one page for spiffage. It's what he wanted to do.

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