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Matthew Dicks

Joined: 2003.11.03 00:00:00
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Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

After playing TC for a while, I will suddenly get logged off. If I try to log back in I'm told that I can't connect because I am using a firewall or proxy server.

I'm not using a firewall and have made no changes to my computer before it decides to log me out. If I wait for a few hours everything seems to start working again, but the problem usually comes back after playing.

Can anyone offer me insight or solutions for this problem?
Mark Phillips

Joined: 1969.12.31 00:00:00
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Location: Watsonville, CA

The "firewall or proxy server" message happens when there's no network connectivity between you and the TC server. It's making a suggestion of where you might look for the source of the problem, but, it could easily be a simple network disconnect. Simplest explanation is probably that your 'net connection has been burping. But, could be more "interesting" than that.

Sorry not to be more help than that, it's tough to debug problems remotely.

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